Different Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Like we said in our Previous post, we speak about WordPress and different types of WordPress.

On the post, we mentioned WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

And on the post, we said WordPress is a free contents management system, build with PHP language, that allows everyone to create his or her own blog or website.

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On this article we shall be speaking, differentiate between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Both WordPress serve the same purpose, which is building website.

The major difference between the WordPress is that WordPress.com is mainly for business. You will pay for everything use in building your website.

While WordPress.org is free, and is continue to be free.

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To hold build your website with WordPress.com, didn’t require separate Hosting Plan.

While WordPress.org require hosting plan.

You don’t have total control of WordPress.com.

While in WordPress.org, you have total control of your websites.

In WordPress.org, you must have your separate domain name.

While in WordPress.com, you can use subdomain name, provide for you by the company, until you are read to upgrade your hosting package.

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In WordPress.com, you are restricted using some feature, until you paid for it, while in WordPress.org, you not restricted.

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