3 Question to ask yourself Before Start Building Website

If you want to start your own websites, theirs are things you should know before you begin.

On this post am going to highlight some of the basic things you should know before stating a website, most expecially you who didn’t have ideas about building website.

1. What did you want to use the website for

Before you start building website, you must ask yourself what did you want to use the website for.

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Are you building the website for business purposes, if yes, them, what types of business?

You need to find answers to these questions before you start your website.

2 where did want your website to be built.

Now this is another interesting question you must ask yourself and find the answer.

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Where did you want the website to be build?

Did you want the website build from scratch, or you want the website on WordPress?

After making final decision, them you have to investigate finance involved in building the website.

3 Cost of building the website.

Now, after you finally come to Conclusions of what you want, them the next steps to access how much it cost to be the website.

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The cost will include, either you can build it yourself or hire a programers, type of websites, did it required higher hosting plan?

This are things you must calculate before starting a website.


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