How to Updates Tecno Camon 17, 18 and others Phones to latest version

Just like computer, Smart Phones are build with operating systems software.

This software are often updated by the phones developers.

Today we are going to show you how you can updates your Tecno Camon 17, 18 and others smart phone to new version.

The updates is easy.

First steps in go to your phone settings.

Click on the setting, it will takes you to page as shown below.

Scroll down, them you will see system, as you can see on the picture above.

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Then click on the System, it will take you to another page shown below

Now click on System update, it will take you to another pages shown below

On the page above, you can see 2 option, online updates or Local update.

The different is that if you have donwload the update version already on your phone, you can them click on Local update, then select your downloaded files to Begin your updates.

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But if you haven’t download the version on your, them click online updates.

Note all updates required Data, the amount of data required, depends on the size of the files.

Often is better to use online updates, because that will give you the latest version that was just uploaded.

And secondly it will make your updates easy since you don’t know we’re to download the latest version of your phone.

If you chose online updates, the click on continue to check either your phone is up-to-date, else it will show you options to download latest version from there.

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Note: Before you start downloading latest version, make sure you battery is fully charged, if the battery is below 50 percent, connect your charger to the phone, let it be charging while the donwload go on.

That is the end. If you have questions or suggestions, please dropped it Below comments section.

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