How to create your own website without knowing how Code

Website has become one of the major way of reaching out to the larger audience across the globe.

The power of websites in today world can’t be underestimated, when it come to promoting and communication to people of different race, religion across the world.

After the emergence of computer, and the introduction of coding, the only way to have your own websites then, is to learn how to code, or hire someone who can code to build the website for you.

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But today, things has be come so easy, due to advance in technology, you can build a website now without knowledge in coding.

There are many platform now you can use to create your website with knowing how to code.

But we are going list two platform here, which is WordPress and Blogger blog of Google.

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WordPress today make it easy for anyone to build any types of websites.

With WordPress, you build website for your personal business, or build for a client, you can build social media or anything website without knowing how to code with WordPress.

There are two type of WordPress which offer websites building, we discussed more and give you different between the two WordPress as we go dipper into Tech tutorial on this blog.

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Blogger blog

Blogger blog, is own by Google, is attached as a Google product to anyone with Google account.

With your Google account, you can create your blog on blogger for free without any financial expenditure.

As we go dip, we are going to teach you step by step on how to create your blog using blogger.

Stay tuned, we have many interesting stuff for you.

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